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Peter Martensen Billedkunstner
Jeg har været yderst tilfreds med samarbejdet. Andreas Kildegaard har udviklet et stærkt, enkelt koncept, der er nemt at bruge, samtidig med at det fungerer æstetisk, og mine egne ideer er fuldt integreret i det endelige resultat. Andreas Kildegaard har leveret et flot arbejde, der til fulde lever op til mine forventninger, så jeg kan varmt anbefale ham - også som behagelig samarbejdspartner, der altid kan nås, hvis der er brug for hjælp.– LinkedIn.
Jonas Munk Dansk Design Center
Working together with Andreas has been a great pleasure as well as pivotal for the project he was involved in. Andreas was one of the main drivers of optimizing, redesigning and implementing one of our business services, Design:Sparring - a service which has to this day shown great results. Andreas is an intelligent, professional and enthusiastic person, with a strong business experience and team work skills - a person I would very much like to work with again.– LinkedIn.
Pernille Rasch Dansk Design Center
I had the pleasure working with Andreas on a specific marketing project. He is truly a dedicated and a great colleague. He has an extraordinary gift for thinking in concepts and inspire his surroundings with his ideas and energy. I very much appreciated that he has taken the strategy for the project down to an operative level.– LinkedIn.
Karina Søgaard Hansen Living
Andreas is a great marketing coodinator and a great no nonsens collegue.– LinkedIn.
Søren Thøgersen Hansen Living
[I] took great pleasure in working with Andreas on a project. Andreas is a person who possesses a broad knowledge on communication in general and IT in particular, and on top of that, he is a great guy to cooperate with. Whoever takes Andreas on board, will not deny it, and I wish Andreas the best of luck in his onwards career.– LinkedIn.